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20 Minutos is Spain's largest general-circulation newspaper. José Antonio Martínez Soler started the paper in his basement and has watched readership grow to 2.3 million.

The free dailies have seen a dramatic rise in distribution in Europe, with their circulation rising to 23 million. More than half of the circulation of free newspapers in Europe is in giveaways by traditional newspaper publishers. These old-line companies are also investing in pioneers like 20 Minutos, which has sold a 20 percent stake to the Spanish media conglomerate Zeta Group.

Today, almost half the newspapers in Spain are distributed free. Advertising has tended to be slanted towards gadgets for the young, professional readership. 20 Minutos now has a Web site with the aim of attracting other types of advertising.

Metro is currently the greatest rival to 20 Minutos.

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